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The Tragedy Academy
March 30, 2020

"Punchable Dinners & Chicken Trimmers"

"Punchable Dinners & Chicken Trimmers"

Eric has a brisket in the smoker, which inspires J&E to reminisce about botched cooking experiences. And...detailed discussion of sperm banks. Don't ask how these two topics came to be discussed in the same show.

Eric has a brisket in the smoker. J&E reminisce over their botched cooking experiences, including everything from punchable brisket, rubber chicken, a bucket of foreskins and  how they learned to never prepare a test run for a group. Weighing out the utility of circumcision. A wildly educational discussion of in vitro fertilization and sperm banks. 

The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. 

Be cool. Keep Learning.