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The Tragedy Academy
April 6, 2020

"Shoddy Karate & A Natural Hottie"

"Shoddy Karate & A Natural Hottie"

Covid-19 has hit a reset button on society. Follow your dreams: whether they be to write rock operas, make shadow puppets for a living or even be a seal trainer. People look and feel better as their authentic selves, especially women. Be that.

Eric whines about his new experience with sciatica (look it up), which one would have thought only 60 year old people experienced. He continues to acquire new maladies. What is wrong with this guy? 

J&E recall bullied kids learning karate when they were kids as a self-defense tool and feel that it generally would have failed them against larger, tougher bullies. Contact us if you're a former karate kid and you feel we are wrong on this one. 

As part of the covid-19 experience (that's what it's called now yes?), we have all hit a forced reset button on society. J&E discussed how some people just naturally found "dream jobs", the ones that they always wanted as kids. Perhaps now is a time for us to reset and pursue those. Side topics of rock operas, penis puppeteering, whale training, marshmallow roasting. 

Discussions of the challenges women face from the time they are born, especially from an aesthetic front. As an additional side effect, women have been wearing less or no makeup and it's the show's position that they typically look better without it. J&E like to see women sticking to their authentic selves and that includes being able to see their faces. Discussion of pregnancy as a sacrifice and a gift. 

Thanks for listening! 

The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. 

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