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James Krause

Entrepreneur and Retired Ultimate Fighter

Krause was born in Newport News, Virginia but moved to Odessa, Missouri, after his parents got divorced when he was two years old. At the age of seven, Krause began training in karate. Krause began attending Odessa High School in Missouri in 2001, where he competed in wrestling and graduated in 2004. Krause opted out of college and instead began working full-time before finding MMA at 19. He had a very successful UFC career and made multiple appearances on The Ultimate Fighter. In the summer of 2022, he stated he had no interest in fighting again. He has since become an ambassador for the clothing brand BYLT premium basics and hosts the podcast "1% Club Podcast."

Oct. 24, 2022

Ultimate Fighter James Krause

The majority of people want to be successful in life. And who doesn’t want to live an enjoyable life? Though it is not easy, what…

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