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The Tragedy Academy

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January 17, 2022

Special Guest: Michael Anthony - Think Unbroken

In this episode of the Tragedy Academy, Jay brings trauma survivor and life coach, Michael Unbroken, on to the show. Michael is the host of his own podcast, “Think Unbroken”, where he invites experts, researchers, psychologists, and therapists to discuss healing from trauma and childhood PTSD. Michael himself is no stranger to this healing process. Growing up with two abusive parents, Michael was trapped in a nightmare familiar to many of his listeners. Having overcome his past to choose a brighter future of his own making, Michael hopes to inspire others to do the same.

January 10, 2022

Special Guest: Amir Yassai - Just Be Kind

In this episode of the Tragedy Academy, we sit down with Amir Yass, digital creator, and LGBTQ activist. As a queer Muslim man, Amir has faced discrimination from all sides - even from other LGBTQ individuals. This discrimination inspired him to affect change and begin a series of panels that address biases within the queer community. As host of "The Take On" podcast, Amir continues his work tackling the big topics while interviewing some of Bravo TV's brightest stars. Today, Amir lives out his authentic, unapologetic self, bringing him closer to his faith and reaffirming his belief that orientation and religion are not mutually exclusive. Through candor and humor, Amir paints how standing up for equality of all facets is how we bring about change.

January 03, 2022

Special Guest: Damien Boath - Down Under the Stars

Welcome back to another episode of The Tragedy Academy; today, Jay meets Australian native Damien Boath. Damien shares with us his fascination for deep space and his love his pondering the unknown. Through his discovery of astrophotography, Damien can get a tiny glimpse of what is out there waiting for us to explore!

December 27, 2021

Special Guest: Christian Valera - The Heart of a Superhero

In this episode of The Tragedy Academy, we meet Christian Valera. Christian runs a YouTube channel where he dives deep into the Marvel and DC universe and details each superhero. Christian used art and superheroes to escape his reality, which later blossomed into a love for film and creating. His story is one of self-exploration and self-discovery; through years of being raised by movies, he takes a peek into the outside world and experiences the endless possibilities it holds.

December 26, 2021

The Tragedy Academy

disORIENTATION The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. Welcome to class… Each week at the academy we look at society through a microscope, dissect human nature, and clown around without risk of getting sent to that special desk in the corner. Adjunct professors and student teachers drop in to teach us about life from a different point of view. Pass us a note on social media and let us know what subject you’d like to hear about next. Or teach us something new. See you, next class… Be cool. Keep learning.

December 20, 2021

Special Guest: Dee McB - Compassion Fatigue

This week on The Tragedy Academy, Jay invites Dee McB. Dee is a zookeeper and lover of all animals, and in this episode, we get into compassion fatigue and growing up with ADHD. Dee educates us on animal behaviors and touches on how her nurturing personality contributes to compassion burnout.