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Mike Talerico

Competitive Skydiver

Mike is a competitive skydiver who’s done over 2,900 jumps throughout his career. Pretty wild, right? Skydiving is often a life-changing experience for the average person… but how has it changed Mike’s life? What drove him to start skydiving in the first place? Listen in to gain insight into life as a pro skydiver, how competitive skydiving works, and the weirdest/riskiest jumps he’s seen over the years.

Have you ever wanted to go skydiving? This is your sign to take the leap! Stick around until the end of the episode for Mike’s expert advice for first-time skydivers.

Oct. 10, 2022

Mike Talerico - Skydiving

In this episode, Jay welcomes Mike Talerico to shed light on what it’s like to be a professional skydiver. Mike is a competitive …

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