The Tragedy Academy

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Love it

I always love a good laugh and these guys do it for me. All I can say is I love it!

Friendly, funny and well put together!

Anyone who listens can hear that these dudes are obviously super passionate about what they do. No matter where you start, you will be captivated by their messaging. You will not be disappointed.

funny hahas!

My wife just left me and took the kids and I just found out I have osteoporosis, but these guys still made me laugh! Very funny!

Amazing podcast

Super cool dudes and just a great podcast, the laughs are just brilliant😂

Changed my point of view

These guys have offered many new points of view for me and they all had fun while doing it which I really enjoyed. I totally recommend you guys take a listen.

Funny and Clever

These guys offer honest and new viewpoints on many topics. Worth listening to expand ones worldview!

Great show!

Speculation based banter between friends. Jokes exchanged, ideas tossed around, theories bounced off of the walls. All in good fun, all in the search for perspective. There is almost a philosophical nature to this show. Highly recommend any and all attend class. This is the right room number. And the lessons are worth the investment and the laughs. 10/10

Great fun!

These guys find a way to make your side hurt and your mind sharper. Keep them coming!

The best!

These guys rock, I love this podcast!

A must try

I usually don’t listen to podcasts but these guys are great! You won’t be sorry!

A Welcome Change

I love listening to podcasts, but was getting burned out on my usual line up. So happy I subscribed to The Tragedy Academy podcast! Never boring, always funny and entertaining.

A must listen!

Definitely check these guys out!

Solid, Entertaining, and Informative

This show is well thought out and delivered! Real people talking about real stuff and keeping it light! I love a Podcast that I can related to and learn from! Great stuff guys!

The Tragedy Academy rocks!

Need a break from the mundane? Some hilarious and enlightening conversation? Jay and company are killin' it with this awesome show!


I love these guys! They are hysterical. You won’t be disappointed!

Beautiful Tragedy

As someone who is definitely dealt with mental health issues, this show really rubbed the right spot. And rubbed it long and hard and in a motion that sent chills down my spine and made my toes curl. After that, i smoked a cigarette. After that, i had sex with my reflection in the mirror. And after that, i listened to more. Excited for more podcasts in the future combining mental and health and comedy, who woulda thunk it!?! Five stars. Keep em coming!!!


Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes

Two lollipop kid!

Great show! I was a two lollipop kid too! The struggle is real.

Insightful & hysterical

This show is a welcome surprise. The down to earth relatable way they look at society makes you feel like your not alone in your quirks. Not to mention the genuine laughter. It’s infectious. Keep them coming, happy to be a new “Academic”!

Love it!

Great show! Binged straight through, can’t wait for next week!


The episodes fly by because you can’t stop laughing. Jay & Eric provide a refreshing and candid view on society. When it’s over your side hurts and you feel a bit wiser. Keep them coming!

Really funny

Skunks, octopi and tacos. What’s not to love. Really impressed with the depth of conversation so far. Good job guys.

Great content

Brand new podcast with humor and reality thrown into the mix! Highly recommended for all laughing needs especially for all ages!!

Everything you are afraid to say out loud...

Eric and Jay bring a light, humorous reflection about our current society. They seem to articulate ideas and feelings many of us have in a very funny way that makes you feel better about having them. If only all of us could be this comfortable stating what we are thinking and feeling. They are hilarious and seem to talk about everything and anything that we come across in life and help you laugh through it!

So relatable

Can’t help but binge and laugh all these episodes... already can’t wait for more to come! So honest and raw and hilarious, I love it!


Just spent 20 minutes listening and another 15 chuckling along. Will be a loyal subscriber!

Comically Reflective

Once you manage to stop laughing and take time to process the powerful messages conveyed by these two, you suddenly find yourself self-reflecting. Eric and Jay brilliantly feed off each other to bring a light-hearted approach to rather sensitive subjects. You won't regret spending the time to listening to the endless wit and banter.

So funny

These guys always have me rolling. 2020 is going to be a big year for them.


Great concept about enduring life’s ups and downs! They poke fun at everything (respectfully still) but the element of humor and honesty is unmatched. Awesome podcast!


2 friends doing a great thing through humor and relatable stories. Keep it coming! There’s something in this for everyone, well done!