The Tragedy Academy
July 18, 2022

Vince Murdock - Moyamoya Fighter


This week we're joined by professional fighter and Moyamoya survivor, Vince Murdock. Vince has been handed a lot of setbacks in life: a Moyamoya diagnosis led to brain surgery, injuries dogged his career, and a car accident came out of nowhere. Others may have crumpled, but Vince proved his fighting spirit and came back from it all. You won't want to miss this episode as Vince shares parts of his tough childhood and how it has affected raising his son, and the group discusses the merits of alternative medicines, and fighting as universal language and art form.

Episode Highlights

👑 Comeback king

💯 Leading by example

🔗 Breaking the cycle

⚔️ The art of fighting

🌿 Alternative medicine


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