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March 20, 2023

The Power of Self-discovery, Authenticity, and Parenting a child with Autism - Interview with Sasha Rogers

The Power of Self-discovery, Authenticity, and Parenting a child with Autism - Interview with Sasha Rogers
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The Power of Self-discovery, Authenticity, and Parenting a child with Autism - Interview with Sasha Rogers

In this insightful interview, we chat with Sasha Rogers, a fitness counselor, coach, and mother of an autistic child, about self-discovery, the power of authenticity, and her experiences parenting a child with autism. Sasha shares her journey of overcoming personal and cultural barriers and the importance of supporting and connecting with others in similar situations.

Key Topics:

💪 - Sasha's background and her journey to self-discovery

🏋️‍♀️ - Sasha's passion for fitness and coaching

🌱 - Personal growth through transparency and reaching out

🌏 - Breaking down cultural barriers and being open about experiences

👩‍👦 - Parenting a child with autism and the importance of sharing stories

🤝 - Sasha's approach to coaching and connecting with clients

⏳ - Overcoming the "normal" timeline and embracing individuality

📍 - Where to find Sasha and what to expect when reaching out

🙌 - Closing thoughts and the power of reaching out to those who resonate with you


Instagram: @Sasha_FitCounselor

Facebook: Sasha S. Rogers

YouTube (coming soon)

Sasha Rogers is a fitness counselor, coach, and mother passionate about helping people overcome challenges and reach their full potential. She focuses on providing support and guidance for individuals dealing with stress, burnout, and parenting a child with autism. In this episode, Sasha shares her journey of self-discovery, overcoming personal and cultural barriers, and finding her own "normal" timeline. Listen to her experiences and the power of connecting with others who resonate with you.


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Sasha RogersProfile Photo

Sasha Rogers

LPC, Health and Lifestyle Coach

Mom of a Vibrant, Determined two-year-old, two weeks away from welcoming a new baby girl to our family, in a thriving relationship with my partner of over a decade, a licensed therapist specializing in health, fitness, drug, and alcohol, and growing a business.

That sums up the various roles I transition to and from throughout my day!

My name is Sasha Rogers, and I am thrilled about the opportunity to share my struggles, victories, and shortcomings with other women, moms, and female entrepreneurs.

Over the past couple of years, my life has drastically changed. I am no longer living a self-centered life. During the pandemic, I was pregnant with my son, at the top of my career, and going through some pretty challenging times in my relationship with my partner.

The pandemic and motherhood quickly changed my life! I was let go from my full time day time gig where I had busted my ass and worked for over a decade (6 weeks into my maternity leave). I was crushed that I had invested so much of myself into my career and felt betrayed that they were firing me when I had a newborn at home and had not even had the opportunity to full asborb becoming a new mom.

From the moment by little man was born I knew he was special. Not just because I am his mom but because of how often I heard from family, friends, and his doctors that he is going to have a “Strong Personality” and “I’ve never seen a baby…” XYZ. It seemed to be a reoccuring theme. Right after his second birthday we found out that Zaymund is autistic. He is currently not verbal but very much still knows what he wants and we strive everyday to help him have the best life possible but it can definitely be challenging and heartbreaking as his mom while being filled with the biggest smiles and celebrations!

Back tracking a bit I mentioned that my relationship with my partner of ten years was on its own healing journey as we dealt with some issues on infidelity and learning to re-trust and connect again. We also had about 100 other people involved in our private life when big changes began to happen with our back then brick and mortar gym. Many people were upset by my transitions that were made and later having to make the tough decision to close down our gym during the pandemic as we watched out bank account dwindle.

I am a person that loves certainty and security and I was left feeling the most vulnerable and open that I have ever felt! It was not comfortable. But through the discomfort I really had to lean into what I wanted, what I valued, and learning to be okay with tears, discomfort, and self reflection.

Fast forward, today David and I have a relationship that is stronger than it has ever been, we are successful partners in running a remote online personal development, health, fitness, and nutrition program helping men and women across the nation, and learning how to be the best parents possible for our children.