The Tragedy Academy
Sept. 12, 2022

Iden Crockett


*TW: This episode contains discussions of suicide; please listen with caution.*

This week on the podcast, Jay welcomes Iden Crockett. Iden is a true Renaissance woman: artist, writer, photographer, musician, and so much more, but this has been her second lease on life. Iden was a paramedic and firefighter for 25 years before being forced out of her job after she came out as trans. Her art has since been a vehicle for discussing her experience with PTSD, gender dysphoria, self-injury, and eating disorders. In the episode, Jay and Iden discuss Iden's journey and work but also address how we can live authentically in a society that may not accept us for who we are.

Episode Highlights

👾 Not fitting in

🌿 Dealing with death

👩‍🚒 PTSD & first responders

🏳️‍⚧️ Future of the Trans community

🤒 Culture as a symptom


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iden crockett


i am a 43 y/o biracial transwoman. firefighter/paramedic turned artist/writer. i am married w 3 kids.