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Feb. 27, 2023

Exploring Mentalism, Martial Arts, and Self-Discovery with Jon Pritchard

Exploring Mentalism, Martial Arts, and Self-Discovery with Jon Pritchard

Get ready for a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and enlightenment 💡 on the latest episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast! 🎧 Hosts Jay Hicks and Gary DeFranco are joined by special guest Jon Pritchard, a professional mentalist, Wing Chun Kung Fu artist, author, and coach. 🥋 Jon shares his incredible journey of balancing his stage character with his authentic self, and the importance of using one's personality to become their best self. 🔥 With humor and candor, Jon, Gary, and Jay explore the intersection of mentalism, Kung Fu, and self-discovery. 🌟 Don't miss this opportunity to join them on this exciting journey of enlightenment and growth. 💪 Tune in now and get ready to laugh and learn! 😆

"Exploring Mentalism, Martial Arts, and Self-Discovery with Jon Pritchard"

On this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, hosts Jay Hicks and Gary DeFranco are joined by special guest Jon Pritchard, a professional mentalist, 🥋martial artist, author, and coach. Jon shares his journey of self-discovery and how he has balanced his stage character with who he is. He discusses the importance of utilizing one's authentic self and the idea of seeing people use their personalities to become their best selves. Gary and Jon also discuss their upcoming and past experiences in 🌇Dubai and Las Vegas and want to move to 🌄 Asheville, NC.

Join Jay Hicks, Gary DeFranco, and special guest Jon Pritchard as they dive into the intersection of mentalism, martial arts, and self-discovery. Jon's journey of self-discovery will inspire you to find your authentic self and become your best self. You'll hear about Jon's experiences working with technology companies, exploring Dubai, and transitioning to Zoom performances.

Guest Quotes:

"The best performers are those who dial up the appropriate parts of their personality and reduce the distracting parts, creating a managed character that is still them." - Jon Pritchard.

"I think it's really important for people to use their personalities as who they are." - Jon Pritchard.

"The idea of imagining a different life so that you believe that things could be different and then change the trajectory of your life. But you need both sides working together where we're creatures of spirit manifested with psychophysical meat, bags of, reality." - Jon Pritchard.

Key Takeaways:

🔍 Understanding one's authentic self is crucial to becoming a successful performer.

🌍 Exploring new locations and experiences is important for personal growth.

🥋 The best performers balance their stage character with who they are.

👥 Leveraging one's talents can help both businesses and individuals succeed.

💪 Combining mental and physical strength is important in martial arts.

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To learn more about Jon Pritchard and his work, visit his website at . Follow him on social media to stay current on his latest projects and performances. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with this talented mentalist, martial artist, author, and coach!

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast. We hope Jon's self-discovery journey has inspired you to explore your authentic self and become your best self. Join us next week for another powerful episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, and remember to be cool and keep learning.


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Jon PritchardProfile Photo

Jon Pritchard

Corporate Mentalist / Professional stage performer / Transformational Speaker / Martial Artist

Jonathan Pritchard is a corporate mentalist, transformational speaker, and author with over 25 years of experience in the field. He is recognized for his unbelievable demonstrations of mind-to-mind communication, superhuman memory, and empowering participants to do the impossible.

At 13 years old, Jonathan started juggling fire on the sidewalk for party money. At 18, he was eating fire and hammering nails up his nose. In college, he learned the skills of Mentalism from the world’s greatest mentor. After college, his 70-minute mind reading show took him around the world entertaining corporate audiences.

Jonathan is passionate about helping the world imagine bigger dreams and making those goals a reality. He quickly recognized that the applied psychology he used on stage as a mentalist also gave him a massive advantage in business. He has shared his secrets with corporate teams to help them improve their sales, negotiations, presentations, and influence with integrity.

In his presentations and workshops, Jonathan focuses on solving the true root of the issues that are impacting the company’s ability to deliver value to the marketplace. He works with event planners to design experiences that VIP audiences will never forget, whether it's a virtual event, in-person conference, trade show, or awards banquet.

When not traveling for work, Jonathan is at home in Asheville, North Carolina, with his wife and family practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu and Mandarin. He is the author of several books about mindset, memory, and motivation. Book him for your event today and unleash your inner power with his inspiring and transformative presentations.