The Tragedy Academy
March 13, 2023

Inside the Magic Mushroom with Special Guest Rev. Gabriel Castillo

Inside the Magic Mushroom with Special Guest Rev. Gabriel Castillo

Inside the Magic Mushroom with Rev. Gabriel Castillo

Introduction: In this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, hosts Jay Hicks and Gary DeFranco sit down with Gabriel Castillo, a spiritual teacher and facilitator of plant medicine ceremonies. Gabriel shares his personal journey of healing from childhood trauma through plant medicine and discusses the benefits and risks of using psychedelics for healing purposes.

Engaging and enticing verbiage: Gabriel Castillo's journey to healing trauma is inspiring and enlightening. His use of plant medicine to aid in his own healing has led him to become a facilitator for others seeking similar experiences. Jay’s unique perspectives on the topic and his natural chemistry with Gabriel make for a dynamic and thought-provoking conversation.

Guest Quotes:

"We're in a time now where we're being asked to heal ourselves, to take that responsibility, and to really do that work." - Gabriel Castillo.

"The mushroom experience is very organic; it's very personal. It's a very direct and intimate relationship with this plant medicine." - Gabriel Castillo.

"The intention is the most important thing, and the intention has to come from the heart." - Gabriel Castillo.

Key Takeaways:

🍄 Plant medicine can be a powerful tool for healing trauma but should be approached cautiously and respectfully.

🌱 The benefits of plant medicine go beyond individual healing and can positively impact society.

🙏 Setting intentions and cultivating a safe and supportive environment is essential for a successful plant medicine ceremony.

💊 Western medicine often focuses on symptom management, while plant medicine works to address the root causes of illness.

🧘‍♂️ Self-reflection and mindfulness practices can enhance the healing process and help integrate the lessons learned from plant medicine experiences.

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Visit Gabriel's website at to learn more about his work and explore opportunities for healing and personal growth. Follow Finally Detach on Facebook and YouTube for updates and insights on spiritual practices and plant medicine ceremonies.

Gabriel Castillo's story of healing and transformation through plant medicine is a powerful reminder of the human capacity for growth and resilience. The Tragedy Academy Podcast continues to provide thought-provoking conversations that inspire listeners to embrace their journeys of healing and self-discovery. Tune in next week for another enlightening episode. Be cool and keep learning.


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