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Oct. 31, 2022

Juni Bucher "Tata Cancer"

Juni Bucher

The journey after cancer, or any disease, is one to be reckoned with, and it is not simple and takes time, patience, and strong support from your loved ones. Tune in as Juni Bucher discusses how she managed life during her cancer journey and how she uses therapy to aid individuals, both survivors and those presently facing this disease.


You feel alone when you know you have cancer and are going through one of the most difficult times of your life. Discover how we can be there for folks who have survived or are battling breast cancer on their journey.

Join Nutritional Therapy Practioner and breast cancer survivor Juni Bucher, NTP, as she explores the issues that concern breast cancer patients as they navigate their physical and mental healing. After beating breast cancer in 2019, Juni decided to follow her passion for nutrition and wellness and went back to school for Nutritional Therapy. She also completed a 200-hour meditation teacher certification through Unplug Meditation studio led by davidji and Suze Yalof-Schwartz.  Juni currently has a private practice focusing on hormonal balance for women in mid-life and breast cancer survivors.


“There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with being a survivor.”

“Worry is preposterous because it creates a current reality that contains nothing that exists.”

“We’re in a position where we feel guilty for caring about whether or not we survive over someone else or that we’re robbing them of an opportunity.”

“There is still life in Death, and you must enjoy every moment.”

“Most of the time, it’s just being present.” Just checking in and not being afraid to talk about something other than cancer.”


Surviving cancer is not the end of a person’s journey since they must deal with persistent fear. It is critical to check in with them regularly.

Worrying is unavoidable, but we should avoid falling into a cycle of persistent concern because it will only worsen things.

Enjoy life and cherish the people around you, in illness and health, because life is only a loan.

Knowing what to do to support someone close to you who is facing cancer would be beneficial.

Understanding what is happening behind the scenes while your clients or prospects move through the buying process would be beneficial.


5:29 – Juni Bucher Surviving Cancer

11:59 – Meditation

14:23 – Meditation and Breast Cancer

18:07 – Medication and Healthcare System

25:35 – Advice

32:18 – Mastectomy

36:24 – Self-Acceptance and Awareness

40:48 – Sense of Femininity

51:09 – MMA Fighting and Music Associated Podcast

57:39 – Get in touch with Juni


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