The Tragedy Academy
June 27, 2022

Matthew Scheall


Jay and Gary are joined in the studio by musician and rapper, Matthew Scheall. Matthew came to music a little later in the game, not starting his journey until college when he was inspired and encouraged by close friends. Matthew has grown as an artist in the years since embracing his authentic self and staying true to his faith. You won’t want to miss this episode as the gang talks about the ins and outs of artistry, creativity, and music.

Episode Highlights

💡 Discovering your inner artist

🤗 Importance of a Supportive Environment

💯 Artistic Authenticity

💙 Believing In Yourself

🧗 Overcoming Your Implicit Biases


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The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. 

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Matthew ScheallProfile Photo

Matthew Scheall

Hip Hop Artist

Born and raised in Cape Coral FL, Hip-Hop artist Matthew Scheall has
been inspired creatively by a wide range of music such as boom
bap, lofi Hip-Hop, all the way to R&B, and Pop. “I want to take people
on a journey into some of the most real places of my life. | want to
connect with the world and bring hope through my music. | also want
to create art | love creating that is authentic and unique. As an artist,
I’m not afraid to experiment and try new things.” He mentioned. You
will hear some of Matthew Scheall’s favorite styles and sounds as you
begin to tune in. From a collection of live instruments and synths
to smooth textures and big 808s. He hopes to grab your attention as
he invites you on an expedition into his world, that it may bring hope
and light into yours.