The Tragedy Academy
July 25, 2022

Sam Suarez a.k.a. High Noon


On the show this week is tattoo artist and actor, Sam Suarez, a.k.a High Noon. A star of Tattoo Nightmares Miami, Sam offers a unique insider perspective into the art of tattooing, as well as how he has translated that experience into acting. Plenty of bad tattoos are discussed, as well as the larger themes of transparency and transformation. Make sure you don't miss out on this contribution to our larger discussion of authenticity!

Episode Highlights

🤠 Moving To The Midwest

🎨 Changing Canvases

❌ Bad Tattoos

📚 Superheroes And Literacy

👨‍🎨 Digital Renaissance



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Sam Suarez aka High NoonProfile Photo

Sam Suarez aka High Noon

Tattoo Artist/ Actor/ Recording Artist/ Writer/ Content Creator

Born in Brooklyn, NYC, Sam relocated to Miami at a young age. Raised back and forth between the two cities, his first love of comic book art led him to tattoo and eventually to tattooing on television. That has since developed into acting while releasing independent music and social media content.