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Nov. 21, 2022

Sarah Donna - Like a cold Mcdonald's Sprite

Sarah Donna - Like a cold Mcdonald's Sprite


This episode is about kicking back and discussing random things as friends do. 

Our OG guest this week is episode 4 alumni Sarah Donna, five-time Miss Michigan, circus trapeze artist, actress, influencer, model, and grilled cheese connoisseur. With such incredible accomplishments, you could not ask for a more humble and gracious guest, not to mention hilarious. 

Random Topic 1:

Sarah shares her Sunday recipe for a bloody Mary with grilled cheese. Everyone loves a warm grilled cheese and tomato soup might as well stir in some vodka. Be sure not to run after a bloody mary, or you could get heartburn and need a shower afterward. 

Random Topic B:

Did you know Sarah takes cold showers? And men use minimal and all-in-one hygiene products? A bar of dial soap is still used by Jay, while Gary uses body wash. In case you were wondering...   

Jay talks about how he saw a video about the benefits of cold showers and dopamine and how taking an ice-cold shower raises endorphin levels and then tapers off over time. 

Random Topic 3:

Are you interested in a bidet? Jay brings up a previous episode of the Reckless Bitch Podcast containing a quote from Sarah in which she said she always had the cleanest ass at 7-11 whenever she was present. Sarah explains how she installed her bidet. 

Need a blow dry after a cold sprite to your posterior? Stop by Japan. Everyone agrees that theirs is the most advanced, with blow dryers and an uplifting tune on completion.

Need a pallet of toilet paper? See Sarah. Purchasing in mass quantities at the highest quality is a must. Remember to use wipes for that fresh feeling when there's no bidet around. You can even Subscribe to receive your TP. 

Random Topic D:

Would you like to remove all those pesky subscriptions of TP and other items from your bank account that you forgot? It's as simple as canceling your debit card and getting a new one, the preferred group method for cleaning out your random subscriptions. 

Random Topic 5:

Jay points out that Sarah has the best Twitter handles, such as "Glizzy McGuire" and Postmates Malone." Speaking of Tweets, Sarah is taking on all Bootlickers and then maybe a career in slap fighting? 

Random Topic F:

Have you ever wanted to slap someone? Jay chooses his High School Bully, while Sarah chooses the IRS and other entities. You could get your teeth slapped out. 

Random Topic 6:

Before you get them slapped out, remember to brush your teeth. The difference between growing up with fluoride and without is covered. Jay points out how he had teeth problems from well water and the army, while Sarah did not and grew up with fluoride. 

Random Topic H: 

Do you want to avoid peeing your pants? Then you may want to lay off the caffeine. Sarah explained how she had a problem due to caffeine intake and how she had to limit it. 

Random Topic 8:

You've probably got a phobia or quirk. Sarah hates seeing blood pump or feeling it under her skin. Jay cannot write with a pencil, and Gary hates airport bathrooms with carpets (gross).  

Always a great time when you can sit with friends and talk about anything and everything.  

Connect with Sarah:


Twitter: @RealSarahDonna


Instagram: @sarahdonna._

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