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The Tragedy Academy
July 5, 2021

Special Guest: Amy Lerie - No plan B's and no giving up

Special Guest: Amy Lerie - No plan B's and no giving up
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In today’s episodes of The Tragedy Academy, Jay welcomes singer, songwriter, and soon-to-be actress Amy Lerie. Amy shares with us her story that began with tradition and conformity, but that ended with fulfillment and purpose, all because she decided to follow her dreams.

Key Points: 

  • 🎙Being your most authentic self
  • 🎙Pivotal moment
  • 🎙How has the pandemic affected you?
  • 🎙Finding empathy
  • 🎙Living in the Present moment
  • 🎙The latest release, and what’s next?
  • 🎙Inspiration meditation

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Amy Lerie was born and raised in France but now resides in London. She chose London to pursue her music career because; 1 – it’s almost like a 2nd French city and 2 – all of her music is in English, so that she would need an English audience.     

[03:52] Amy shares with us the life path she was initially following before pursuing music. Coming from a traditional family, Amy went to school to become a teacher, which in France is a 40–45 year commitment, but after three years, she realized that this life did not make her happy. In 2014 she took a leap of faith and left the ministry of education to move to London.  

[11:00] Jay emphasizes how important it is to be your most authentic self. Amy shares an anecdote where people tried to compare music to teaching, saying they were similar because they were both in front of an audience.

[13:22] Amy describes the pivotal moment when she realizes that teaching is not what she wants to do. She recounts feeling numb and dissociative, similar to having a mini existential crisis. Luckily, she had a circle of friends who understood what she was feeling.   

[18:11] In her time during the pandemic, Amy shares with us the good and the bad. On the one hand, she describes this time as brutal; people around her tried to convince her to reconsider following a life of music, which made her feel guilty about her decision. On the other hand, she was surrounded by people who supported her.

[23:10] Amy walks us through where she gained her empathy. She recounts her dad as a good man; he built a family from nothing and did it without being loud or selfish and always looking out for others. From this, Amy credits her empathy.

[27:51] Amy describes herself as being bubbly, the energetic one. Though she tells a story of a time, her mom said to her, “I think you need to calm down,” which broke her.

[33:02] Amy shares with us the importance of living in the Present moment. She gained this perspective through a podcast with J Shitty. He states that you do not understand what you’re doing in the present moment, but you’ll look back and know what this moment was leading towards in ten years.

[36:18] Amy goes into her latest release, Higher. Her aim for this song was to adopt a country sound, which she could do thanks to an artist she met in Nashville.

[39:38] What’s next? Amy gives us a quick rundown of what she has planned for the future, which included auditions, pursuing musical theatre performances, doing a full album, and touring.

[41:01] Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration. Amy and Jay discuss how the pandemic will make or break you. For some, it birthed the confidence to pursue their dreams, while it forced them to quit for others. For Amy, she used this time as inspiration for her art.

[43:31] Jay and Amy share their love for meditating. They both agree on its necessity and how it allows you to reset and clean up before getting your day started.

[51:01] Connect with Amy

[52:41] Outro

Connect with Amy:

- Website: AmyLerieMusic.com

-     Instagram

-     Spotify

-     iTunes



Amy Lerie is a French artist and singer-songwriter. 

Her pop/folk songs have a bit of a country touch. She's inspired by personal experiences that anybody can relate to. Her favorite artists include Ingrid Michaelson, Brandi Carlile, and Taylor Swift.

One of her goals? Having one of her songs featured in a TV Show!

At 33, after several concerts in Paris (Le Batofar, Backstage Sullivans) and London (Westfield White city, Proud Camden, The Troubadour), she released her first EP 'Torn' in June 2015.

In 2018 she went to Nashville, where she co-wrote with great artists and songwriters and performed in several open mics and writer's nights.

​She released her second EP 'Higher' in May 2019.

She was also a part of the musical Siddhartha l'Opéra Rock, at the end of 2019, at Le Palais des Sports, Paris.

Now she's back in London where she graduated from the International College of Musical Theatre and is now ready to spread her music and artistry.

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