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The Tragedy Academy
June 14, 2021

Special Guest: Jordan Delagrange - Martial Arts & Wellness

Special Guest: Jordan Delagrange - Martial Arts & Wellness
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In today’s episode of The Tragedy Academy, Jay is joined by Jordan Delagrange, a martial artist, stunt-man, and healer. Jordan enlightens us with his perspective on how mind and body are equally connected and how we can all achieve mindfulness through meditation and martial arts.

Key Points: 

  • Becoming a stunt man
  • A student of the arts
  • Sanctuary of Art and Healing
  • Thai chi and mindfulness
  • Yin and Yang and space between
  • Mediating and Acupuncture
  • Obtaining the observer position

Episode Highlights:

[00:40] Introduction to Jordan Delagrange

[01:54] Jordan shares his story of how he unexpectedly became a stunt-man simply by attending a Wing Chun seminar in Long Beach.

[04:51] Jordan, as with his idol Bruce Lee, favors learning from every martial arts form

[06:59] Jordan describes himself as a student of all the arts and gives the example of Bruce Lee’s biography titled A Life Unabridged

[10:34] While Jordan is a doctorate student in Chinese medicine, he tells us about his business, Sanctuary of Art and Healing, offering alternatives elements of human health not offered in western medicine.

[15:10] Jordan and Jay discuss Thai chi and whether it focuses on mindfulness though Jordan describes it as complex yet simple. The goal is to feel the movement rather than think it through.

[19:49] Jordan reminds us that physical issues are often tied to mental problems.

[21:46] Jordan and Jay dive deep into the benefits of both meditating and acupuncture, describing it as an emotional release and even having the benefit of atrophying your amygdala.

[25:13] Jordan and Jay both give anecdotes of their experiences serving the armed forces.

[27:34] Jay reveals that mediation has helped him recognize that we are already in heaven, and Jordan agrees by quoting Alan Watts, “Everyone focuses only on the destination.” 

[30:37] Jordan divulges in his surrounding, often asking himself, who are these people around me? What are their stories? He finds comfort because there’s no way of knowing, yet we all feel the same thing.

[33:11] Jordan feels we have unlimited potential as a species while describing himself as a teacher, healer, and student.

[35:16] Jordan reveals that there is nothing else he would instead do than to help his fellow humans.

[37:14] Jordan explains to us that to obtain the observer position, we must distance ourselves from the emotions we’re feeling in our body at the moment to feel objectively and emphatically.  

[38:06] Jordan recites his poem The Unseen Becomes the Seen

[41:31] Jordan reveals to us the security he feels within himself, has no fear of anything that can happen, and reiterates the importance of being ready no matter what.

[45:01] Jordan gives a simple first step to meditating; close your eyes, breathe deeply, and listen behind you.

[45:45] Connect with Jordan

Connect with Jordan:

Martial Arts and Wellness

Sanctuary of Art and Healing

Instagram | @martialartsandwellness

Sources Mentioned:

-     A Life Unabridged by Bruce Lee 

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Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy
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The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. 

Be cool. Keep Learning.

Jordan DelagrangeProfile Photo

Jordan Delagrange

Martial Artist / Stuntman / Philosopher / Student of Medicine

I am a traditional martial artist, student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, manual therapist, and stuntman based in San Diego California. My goal is to complete a comprehensive preventative health care system and write books to help the public understand their body and mind from a more holistic perspective. I am also an activist of human equality and creativity, through martial arts and wellness I hope to make a positive impact on the community.