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The Tragedy Academy
Oct. 25, 2021

Special Guest: Kirk Nurmi - Greatness Unchained

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In today's episode of The Tragedy Academy, Jay welcomes actor, author, and former attorney Kirk Nurmi. Kirk has written numerous books on topics from the famous trial of Jodi Arias To pursuing a purposeful and fulfilled life by defending your greatness. Learn how he has taken on this treacherous journey of unfulfillment and feeling strayed from his Passion. Join us as he shares his moment of enlightenment and the transition of finally deciding to be happy!

Key Points:

🤩 Finding your greatness

❤️‍🔥 Passion is born from your purpose

🎬 Getting into acting

💪 Escaping from the shackles of unhappiness

🤗 Gratitude

🤔 Thinking back to childhood

Episode Highlights:

[02:25] Kirk was lead counsel for the Jodi Arias 2013 trial for the murder of Travis Alexander in 2008. He gave legal commentary on court tv and discussed his transformation of going from attorney to acting.

[09:16] Jay relates finding your greatness to authenticity; both go hand in hand. Kirk builds on that by expounding on demon practicality. He notes how artists and creatives get steered away from their Passion for something that is considered "safe" by their parents. Traditional milestones like buying a house and getting married are often thought of as precursors for happiness when that has nothing to do with finding happiness.

[15:08] Kirk highlights the significance of allowing the universe to guide you. He shares intimate details of being diagnosed and overcoming Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Kirk realizes that the 2.5 years of stress from the Arias trial contributed to his diagnosis and makes a pact to no return to that lifestyle if and when he recovers. Kirk knew that if he was going to survive, he could no longer live that life.

[19:23] Kirk brings up a quote from Michelle Obama about the health crisis being obesity; he counters that by suggesting unhappiness as being the most significant health crisis. He notes that it can lead to obesity, substance abuse, and depression.

[21:54] Kirk details his advantages as an actor that come from living life through different perspectives. He notes that although he might never be a Christian Bale, his ability to be present and connect with people sets him apart from other actors. He can empathize and portray that through the screen.

[25:28] Kirk points out the importance of rejecting the premise that there is no happiness to pursue. Happy people surround us, but what we fail to consider is that the feeling is temporary. Transitioning into happiness is a matter of managing and starting in small increments.

[31:13] Kirk highlights that we all have something to be grateful for, from having a shelter to seeing a sunset. He shares his daily gratitude routine of testing his gratitude buddy every morning to think of three things to express Gratitude. Kirk explains that expressing or writing down what you're grateful for does not have to be a grandiose thing; it can be simple and easy.

[37:31] Jay thinks back to his childhood and remembers having a passion for music that he ignored as an adult. Kirk calls this arguing for your limitations, meaning you convince yourself of what you think you cannot do. Kirk shares the cathartic moment of burning his admission certification to practice law and releasing himself of what tied him to the past.

[45:14] Jay and Kirk agree that feelings are meant to be felt. Kirk recalls suppressing his own feelings as a child, but now, he can take those feelings and sit with them as an adult. Kirk points out that experiencing what you are supposed to feel can serve as a gateway to move forward. Emotions help you reconnect with your greatness.

[55:04] Outro


Connect with Kirk:

Instagram | @nurmiunchained

Website | kirknurmi.com

Buy his books:

Defend Your GreatnessTrapped with Ms. Arias: Part 1 of 3 From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial

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The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. 

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Kirk NurmiProfile Photo

Kirk Nurmi

Actor / Legal Commentator

Kirk rose to international prominence as the lead counsel for the infamous Jodi Arias. The stress of that case brought cancer into his life. And with cancer came big changes – a whole new life. A life wherein happiness is his beacon.
With this beacon in view, Kirk has written for the New York Daily News, authored eight books, has spoken all around the country and in October of 2020, he debuted his new One-Man Show “Overcoming Jodi Arias.”
Kirk has also appeared on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, Court TV, Dr. Oz, The Mel Robbins Show, and The Today Show. He has also been featured in documentaries on Discovery ID and the Oxygen Network.
Yet his most important work is as a personal assistant to his wife of 28 years and his 4-pound Chihuahua.