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The Tragedy Academy
July 19, 2021

Special Guest: Lucas Hill - The Spirit Molecule

Special Guest: Lucas Hill - The Spirit Molecule
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In today’s episode of The Tragedy Academy, Jay welcomes Lucas Hill, personal trainer, and seeker of insight and wisdom. Lucas takes us on a wild journey of revelation, enlightenment, and self-discovery, all consequences of his illuminating experience of 5-MeO-DMT.

🎙Key Points:

🤔 Losing childlike wonder

😷 Pandemic fear

🧘 Opening the mind

🔄 5-MeO-DMT the process

💗 The experience

✊🏼 Finding worth within yourself

🎙Episode Highlights:

[01:11] Lucas describes his experience during the pandemic as insightful. He realized that he was living in a cycle, pre-pandemic, which was hard to break. Lucas took this time to slow down and tap into his intuition.

[04:24] Lucas offers insight that since we never have the chance to listen to our higher self, we never let those moments of intuition come into play – forcing us to lost focus on the miracle of life and lose our childlike wonder.

[05:20] Lucas points out how the pandemic has manifested a lot of fear. Specifically, their ultimate goal is to distribute anxiety and instill that we are not enough or worthy with politics and social media.

[10:25] Lucas expresses the significance of opening your mind. He states that we tend to search for things in life, and what we need always happens to find us, alluding to an article he read on 5-MeO-DMT then serendipitously getting a message from a friend offering him this substance.   

[16:29] Leading up to his DMT experience, Lucas meets with the shaman, who he describes as a “30-year-old regular dude.” He had quit his corporate job to become a shaman because of his own experience with this plant medicine. Since Lucas likes to explore the boundaries of his consciousness, this sounded especially interesting.

[21:21] Lucas walks us through the meticulous prep process before being administered the medicine. The first step is to eat a clean and healthy diet beforehand, followed by a ritual needed to clear any lingering negative energy and get the body ready for its journey.

[31:36] Since Lucas had experience with psychedelics in the past, the shaman felt comfortable giving a larger dose. Lucas describes his initial reaction as feeling heavy and instantly having the negative energy pulled out of him, like a magnet. From this moment on, he knew he had zero control and was just the observer. When it was all set and done, all he felt was an overwhelming sense of love.

[36:50] Lucas admits that the most challenging part of post-experience deals with western society, specifically how he grew up. He raises the point that the hardest thing for him was letting go.

[43:11] Lucas and Jay agree that finding worth within yourself is imperative to anything else. Often we seek validation from outside sources, often only pleasing others – if you are deriving self-worth from outside, you will never feel fulfilled inside.

[50:25] Connect with Lucas

🎙Connect with Lucas:

-     Instagram | @sirlucskywalker

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