The Tragedy Academy
May 24, 2021

Special Guest - Sharon Green - "Everything is written within our stars"

Special Guest - Sharon Green -

In today’s episode, Jay talks to Sharon Green, a Reiki Master. She talks about her awakening and passion.

In today’s episode, Jay talks to Sharon Green, a Reiki Master. She talks about her awakening and passion. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 3:30: Sharon talks about her interest in Astrology and how she started exploring horoscopes, sun, moon, and rising science.
  • 4:20: Jay points out that even though we have been studying astrology longer than other strings in religions, there is still a grouping in which society tags people who pursue astrology.
  • 5:40: Sharon shares that a group of people believes that there is a collective of unconsciousness/spirits that are guiding astrologers.
  • 7:25: According to Sharon’s viewpoint - People are choosing now to awaken because there is a certain appeal to not pursue astrology.
  • 8:20: Jay talks about his defense mechanism in life.
  • 11:18: Sharon says that “Healing takes place whether you want it or not when it comes to a grand scale and macro cause of energetic work.”
  • 11:40: Jay highlights that “When we see humanity as a whole, we fail to realize that we are one unit because we all impact each other.”
  • 12:40: Sharon articulates people talk about their anxiety, depression, back pain, but actually it is not theirs - it is something that happens to them.
  • 14:05: Sharon indicates that all kind of inhuman experience that we agree to experiment is freewill experiment.
  • 17:45: Sharon states, “it doesn’t really matter what you have on your pizza; what matters is how you enjoy it.”
  • 23:10: Sharon shares how the Industrial Revolution is powerfully moving forward for our minds.
  • 25:34: Jay and Sharon discuss how “It is our attempt to bringing our mind together.”
  • 26:15: Jay stresses the importance of discernment. One should see “what is real and what is not,” but unfortunately, many people don’t realize that it is all programming.
  • 26:55: Sharon explains what a “Twins Flame” is?
  • 27:10: Twin Flame is an experiment for people who come from a traumatic background to sit with themselves and become whole human beings.
  • 29:40: Jay quotes, “You can’t move forward with your feet talking nonsense”.
  • 32:25: Jay says, “When your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth, you are having reinforced conversation with your brain through micro-movements in your tongue.”
  • 36:25: Sharon reiterates that we all have an alternative film playing back in our minds, and Hollywood Bollywood had a huge role in our lives.
  • 40:50: Sharon denotes, “There is a scientist before the science”.
  • 45:20: While raising a concern, Sharon says that people put everything in the little box of “Suppose to” and don’t really take minutes to realize what they are grateful for.
  • 46:35: Sharon talks about “Ego Death”; it is a highly overused term. As per Sharon, ego death explains the different parts of a person's ego.
  • 50:25: Sharon talks about the spiritual approach “There is so much more to life.” It is important to think “How can I live in the way it feels right for me?”
  • 55.15: Sharon says, “We need to see every possibility and watch how people react to it.”

3 Key Points:

  1. Jay raises a concern that one is not allowed within a society to break down eastern philosophies that actually show us the controversy between religion and belief.
  2. Jay says that it is an easy stretch for him to put Jesus in the prophet's shoes to understand the awakening process through meditation and prayer. He came to discover that everything we take upon ourselves is a choice and form of madness.
  3. Sharon talks about social experiments and free will. The important thing to note is “Where we get it from?”. At the end of the day, programming and the industrial revolution had happened for us to elevate.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Everything is written within our stars”- Sharon Green
  • “What you choose to believe is your choice”- Sharon Green
  • “Being mindful and staying present allows you to process all emotions and energy in emotions”- Sharon Green
  • “True love stories start to happen when you start taking care of yourselves - Sharon Green
  • “Time is worth a lot when you are not spending or doing the things you are passionate about”- Sharon Green
  • “Everything is an opportunity for expansion, growth, and evolution”- Sharon Green

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