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The Tragedy Academy
Aug. 15, 2022

The Tragedy Academy Library

The Tragedy Academy Library
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The Tragedy Academy is excited to present a new regular feature for the show: TA Library. In this episode, TA librarian Jennifer steps out from behind the curtain to talk about what academics can expect from these after-school study sessions. There will be some history, some mystery, and as always we'll be bridging social divides. This time, the guys discuss the last time they were in a public library, and the role of libraries in the digital age. The main thing to take away: libraries are so much more than books, and we're excited to talk about it in this series.

Episode Highlights

🏛 The power of publishing

🏝 Reading as an escape

📚 Gary visits the library

💻 Digital libraries

🤔 Do libraries have a branding problem?


  • Check out Jennifer's podcast, Big Book Energy.
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The Tragedy Academy is a show created to bridge societal divides in a judgment-free zone using candor and humor. 

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