The Tragedy Academy
Aug. 22, 2022

TRUJETTY, Jetty Nieuwenhuis - The Rebel Influencer

TRUJETTY, Jetty Nieuwenhuis - The Rebel Influencer


The Tragedy Academy is excited to present our latest episode with speaker, model, and wellness advocate, Jetty Nieuwenhuis. While having the following of an influencer, Jetty rejects the perfectly curated influencer image and instead uses her platform to focus on the real contradictions of life and inspire others to go after their desires unapologetically. In the episode, Jetty and the guys discuss difficulties they've experienced while building the lives they want, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Whether talking Lyme disease, medical advocacy, or finding a home in Canada, Jetty emphasizes the importance of fully embracing who you are.

Episode Highlights

🐮 Dairy farming

🍁 Kindness of Canadians

🔕 Time Away from Social Media

🤖 Cubicle Man

🦠 Lyme Disease


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Jetty NieuwenhuisProfile Photo

Jetty Nieuwenhuis

Model / Influencer

Jetty Nieuwenhuis is a speaker, model, and wellness advocate. As CEO of Trujetty, she uses her personal stories of invisible illness — bulimia, Lyme Disease, and depression — to help women wake up from a life on autopilot and unapologetically go after their desires. Rebelling against the perfectly curated influencer image, complete with unattainable standards, she focuses on the real contradictions of life like fashion over 40, beauty without the heavy edit, and having enough while still wanting more. Jetty is an IAWP Health/Wellness coach, holds certifications in makeup artistry and image consulting, and has successfully completed two Ironmans.