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The Tragedy Academy
Sept. 19, 2022

Kerri McKinney "Perfectly Imperfect"

Kerri McKinney
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In this episode, Jay and Gary welcome Kerri McKinney to talk about the highs and lows of being an alcoholic and getting sober. Kerri is an empowerment coach, energy healer, and speaker who is also a recovering alcoholic who started drinking when she was at an astonishing 12 years old. She used to be ashamed of her past, but everything changed when she started embracing it. Now, Kerri is helping others do the same.

Listen in to hear how Kerri overcame her alcoholism and depression, what life is like after getting sober, and the powerful realizations that come up along the way. Plus, she speaks on the relationship between addiction, mental health, discernment, and self-love.  

Episode Highlights:

🍷 [02:59] Kerri shares her experience with alcoholism, depression, and anxiety both as a teenager and as an adult.

📣 [08:48] The Misconceptions vs. Reality of Alcoholism & Why Kerri is speaking out about it.

🎭 [11:48] Masking your alcoholism will only perpetuate it… but it could also cause gastritis?! So, how do you know when you or someone else is masking alcoholism?

🧘    [13:52] How meditation, mindfulness, and even vaping helped Kerri connect with her feelings and get sober. Jay also sheds light on how he used cannabis to quit drinking alcohol.

💪 [21:19] Powerful realizations and mindset shifts that happen when you get sober & How to overcome the victim mentality.

🧠 [27:50] Alcoholism & Mental Health

🥳 [33:22] The worst part of hiding your alcoholism & The best part of getting sober.

🧑‍🏫 [40:52] Why it’s our duty to teach the next generation discernment and self-love.

📚 [49:18] How the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle changed Kerri’s life & Kerri sheds light on her upcoming book, Depression Lied to Me, which shows how different depression affects different people.

🪷 [53:16] How energy healing and Reiki transformed Kerri’s life.

Resources Mentioned:

Listen to the episode with Sam Suarez

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

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Kerri McKinneyProfile Photo

Kerri McKinney

Coach, Speaker & Energy Healer

Kerri McKinney is an empowerment coach and energy healer who helps people heal internally and energetically. After suffering for most of her life from things like anxiety & depression, codependency and alcohol abuse, she started the Self-Love Movement to create a space for women to feel empowered and supported as they embark on their own personal growth journey too. She is also the co-Author of an upcoming book titled "Depression Lied to Me" that highlights how different depression can look for each individual person.